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Since 1975, the name Keller has been synonymous with superior pressure measurement instrumentation. Today, Keller is a world leader, providing an array of products for countless industries that need to accurately and efficiently monitor level and pressure. Keller America provides all North America and the Caribbean with unparalleled service, delivering standard water and wastewater instrumentation in three business days, many with lifetime guarantees against damage from electrical surge.


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Submersible Level Transmitter Provides Accurate Measurements in Fouling Conditions

The Keller LevelRat is purpose-built to provide reliable liquid level in conditions that typically foul traditional submersible level transmitters or cause false...

Submersible Level Transmitter Offers High Accuracy & Custom Design

At only 0.63 in. in diameter, the Keller Microlevel is the smallest-diameter submersible level transmitter utilizing fully media-isolated piezoresistive silicon...

Recording Device Combines Digital Pressure Gauge With Data Logger

The LEO Record by Keller combines a high-accuracy digital pressure gauge with an autonomous data logger. The result is an instrument that simplifies the process of tank...

Submersible Level Transmitter Provides Accurate Measurements

The Levelgage by Keller America is a robust general-purpose submersible level transmitter that utilizes Keller’s microprocessor-controlled signal conditioning to provide...

Liquid Level Data Logger Features Rechargeable Technology

For applications from combined sewer overflow monitoring to well drawdown tests, liquid level data loggers have proven themselves valuable tools. In recent years,...

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