Feb 20, 2019

Wastewater Samplers Cover Variety of Requirements

Products are suitable for municipal & industrial wastewater & storm water

Products are suitable for municipal & industrial wastewater & storm water

ECD’s Aqua series of portable wastewater samplers consists of three models designed to meet a wide range of sampling requirements. The very small Aqua-Compact, the passively cooled Aqua-Coolbox and the versatile multi-bottle Aqua-Multix provide plant technicians with total sampling flexibility.

The Aqua-Compact is suitable when samples need to be pulled and transported between sites, or for temporary compliance purposes. The Aqua-Coolbox, with its passively cooled insulation, ensures samples are stored at a cool temperature for proper lab analysis. The Aqua-Multix features multiple bottles with a quick “lift-off” design for bottle exchange.

The Aqua samplers feature an advanced air pump vacuum sampling system, which delivers an extremely accurate, reliable, representative and repeatable sample. This design eliminates the problems than can exist with other types of sampling techniques.

As with stationary-style samplers, the Aqua samplers support the extraction of samples from either non-pressurized or pressurized effluent pipe sources. The pressurized pipeline interface accessory is optional and available at a modest cost.

Programming setup and daily operation of the Aqua samplers has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible for the user. Sample extraction can be time-based or triggered by external sources such as flowmeters, level sensors, pH meters, programmable logic controllers and more.

The Aqua samplers can be supplied with a sample temperature-monitoring module. With this option, the minimum, maximum, average and present sample temperatures can be monitored and displayed. Additionally all Aqua samplers can be configured with data logging for downloads to a PC or other devices via the USB connection.

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The Aqua samplers come with a choice of power options. They can be AC powered—110, 220 or 230 VAC. They are available with an external 12-VDC power supply or can be powered via an integral battery that can provide up to 350 samples on a full charge.

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