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Case Studies
Apr 26 2019
Introduction Cyanide (CN) is commonly utilized in multiple industrial processes in the global mining, metals, chemical, electronics, steel,…
Tech Reviews
Apr 22 2019
Municipal and industrial process engineers alike will find the new plug-n-play FC80 panel mount free chlorine analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices…
Mar 20 2019
Measure free chlorine and residual chlorine with no reagents needed. This product comes with a complete panel mount, ready for installation.
Figure 2. The ECD DC80 DeChlorinization Analyzer for LNG
Figure 2. The ECD DC80 DeChlorinization Analyzer for LNG.
Case Studies
Mar 15 2019
An international oil & gas company that operates a liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal along Italy’s Adriatic Sea coast recently encountered a…
Tech Reviews
Mar 7 2019
Technicians responsible for wastewater effluent at municipal facilities, food/beverage plants and other industrial operations who must comply with…

Electro-Chemical Devices

Electro-Chemical Devices, Inc. (ECD) is a recognized leader in industrial process control instrumentation: transmitters, controllers, analyzers, sensors and electrodes. ECD's products measure pH; conductivity; resistivity; oxidation reduction potential (ORP, REDOX); dissolved oxygen (DO) (optical and amperometric); turbidity; free residual chlorine; total chlorine; and ion selective electrodes (pION) for ammonium, bromide, cadmium, calcium, chloride, copper, cyanide, fluoride, nitrate, potassium, sodium and sulfide. ECD produces colorimetric analyzers for aluminum, ammonia, chlorine, chloride, chromium VI, copper, cyanide, hardness, iron, manganese, nickel, nitrate, nitrite, total nitrogen, phosphate, total phosphate, silica, sulfate, sulfide and zinc. ECD also offers control systems for boiler blow down and cooling towers.


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