Jun 13, 2002

The Critical Step

Value Justification for an RO Sale

I have discussed this before, but it is so important to
sales success that I want to bring it to your attention again. When I speak at
state association conventions and company meetings, I am always shocked to see
how few salespeople use a value justification. In my view, this is a critical
step in the selling process. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages
this technique gives you and then we will look at the actual script for a


It Removes Your Biggest Problem

Many salespeople tell me their biggest problem is that the
family seems interested and then, at the very end, it puts off the decision.
“Thanks, we will get it next summer,” “Thanks but
that’s a bit too much right now ... we’ll get it next fall when the
overtime starts,” or, worse yet, “We can’t afford it,”
are some typical reactions you may encounter.A value justification eliminates
these problems. If you can show the family it will make money by having a
reverse osmosis (RO) system, chances are it will want to start earning or
saving right now. The justification makes excuses weak and easy to overcome by
showing the family it will be miles ahead by owning your equipment and owning
it soon.


It Makes You a Good Listener

People like a consultant-style salesperson who listens and
customizes a solution to their needs. By asking the questions you need to ask
in the justification, you show customers that you are listening and that the
equipment you are recommending is designed just for them.


It Gives You the Power to Get Past Objections

Let’s say you have proven that owning an RO not only
will give the customer better water, it will save him $25 per month. If he
says, “We’ll get it in three months,” you are fully justified
in replying, “I just can’t let you do that. After all, not only would
your family not get the healthy delicious water we discussed, but you will have
wasted $75 during that three months. Let’s start enjoying great water and
saving money right away.”


It Just Makes Sense

As you will see from the suggested script (see Value
Justification Script), the questions and answers help the decision-maker
realize your equipment is something he needs right away.


Important Tips

The sample script you see contains many powerful words and
techniques. I suggest you use it word for word for 90 days before you make any
changes. Don’t leave any steps out, as they all make for a cohesive and
understandable format that leads the customer to the sale.


Also, I suggest that as in the script, you get the customers
to tell you the answers instead of telling them yourself. Offer a calculator to
help with the mathematics and be patient and wait for an answer. Remember the old saying, “If your lips
say it, they may believe it. If their lips say it, they will believe it.”


The answers shown are typical answers. If a customer shoots
you a very low answer, do not force him to change it. He must believe the
numbers he gives you and almost always the numbers will justify the value.



When do you start the justification? I suggest you do it right
after the warm up and before you begin the demo. Why? If they see a financial
advantage, they will pay closer attention to your demonstration. Also, the
beginning is a logical place to ask questions so you know what piece of
equipment to show. I suggest you start by saying, “Just so I know which
model of our equipment will be best for you, I need to ask you a few
questions.” And then go right into the script.


Now, I know some of you are reading this and thinking that
you have been selling ROs for a long time without all this and you have done
fine. That may be true, but I guarantee that if you try this, it will add to
your RO sales. Some of my clients tell me their RO sales have increased as much
as 300 percent just from trying this. If you’re not convinced, why not
try it on the next home you visit.


Join the ranks of the great RO salespeople by using an early
justification. I know you will be pleased with the results.

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