Regulation & Supervision Bureau to Participate in International Water Summit

The Bureau will participate in a water scarcity panel

International Water Summit 2014

The 2nd International Water Summit, a platform for promoting global collaboration on water sustainability to be held Jan. 20 to 22, 2014 at the Abu Dhabi National Exibitions Co. (ADNEC), has confirmed the participation of Nick Carter, director general of the Regulation and Supervision Bureau in one of its panels.

Titled “Water Security and Future Water Sustainability,” the panel discussion will highlight future opportunities for the UAE and discuss how improved water sustainability, regulation, technology and governance will enable the region to keep pace with commercial development and population growth.

"We have issued regulations to ensure that recycled water from Abu Dhabi's wastewater treatment plants is used effectively, safely and in applications appropriate for its quality. Other stakeholders, including the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and the Food Control Authority are working with sectors such as agricultural and farming communities looking at best practice in irrigation technology and crop selection, reducing the pressure on native aquifers and water resources," said Carter.

The Bureau's Powerwise and Waterwise offices, launched in January 2013, champion effective water and electricity consumption in Abu Dhabi.

"Through research and studies we are gathering high-quality data to better inform targeted campaigns for both domestic and non-domestic settings and to set policies in the future,” Carter said. “We also partner with other government entities and sector stakeholders to put strategies in place that will promote an efficient water and wastewater sector. For instance, new buildings now have water-efficient fittings and the new water and electricity bills, launched in 2012, provide detailed information about consumption and the level of government subsidy.”

The Bureau will be returning to support this event, following a successful presence in 2013. The Bureau will shoecase new technology in 2014.

International Water Summit

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