Grundfos Releases the S-Tube Impeller

Features greater free passage and efficiency

The S-tube impeller has now been released, following several expectant months’ build up. With the S-tube impeller, there are no edges, dead zones or cutting functions that get worn over time. Furthermore the S-tube impeller features a patented labyrinth and sealing system for years of trouble-free operation.

The S-tube impeller offers hydraulic efficiency and non-clogging capabilities for optimum reliability and lowest life-cycle costs.

·        Efficiency: World-class hydraulic efficiency without compromising free passage ½
·        Free passage: Greater free passage means better solids handling and greater non-clogging capabilities
·        Simplicity: A design as simple and robust as a tube results in longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs

The S-tube impeller is a tube-shaped impeller in a pump housing that matches the tube shape through the entire pump. The simplicity of the S-tube impeller eliminates the need for advanced and costly add-on assemblies that in a static or dynamic way are designed to cut, shred or treat the wastewater as it flows through the pump.



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