Dec 04, 2013

Protect Your Pump and Keep Maintenance Costs Low

Flow switches & conditioners reduce maintenance costs & keep pumps running longer

FCI flow switches are ideal for pump protection and flow assurance to prevent pump run-dry conditions that can damage pump components, degrade pump performance over time and reduce their useful lifecycle.

These flow switches feature a no-moving-parts thermal dispersion flow sensor and plant-rugged design that makes them ideal for a wide range of point-level process applications. Their versatile design also allows them to measure flow or level or temperature.

Flow conditioners developed by FCI’s Vortab Co. provide a low-pressure loss solution to correct flow profile irregularities that also affect the operation of pumps and the accuracy of flow instrumentation. In today’s crowded plants, elbows, valves, blowers and other devices in the pipeline often disrupt flowing media and affect other equipment.

For efficient and low-maintenance operation, pumps require a repeatable, uniform upstream flow profile of the liquid entering the pump. When elbows, valves or other equipment are installed too closely to a pump, they can cause swirl and velocity profile distortions, resulting in uneven force placed on the pump impeller. Such disturbances can create excess noise and cavitations, resulting in reduced bearing life. Vortab flow conditioners correct these flow profile problems to keep pumps running longer and reduce maintenance costs.

FCI’s products are specified by name in many of the world’s most demanding environments for flow instrumentation. They are recognized for their reliability, accuracy and repeatability in harsh conditions, where their performance ensures users of their end product’s quality and operational safety. FCI offers a range of application solutions from off-the-shelf devices to custom engineered systems.

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