Feb 04, 2010

Northeast Trenchless Assn. Annual Meeting Breaks Attendance Records

More than 100 members attend

The Northeast Trenchless Assn. (NTA) set new records for attendance and participation at its sixth-annual meeting in Boxborough, Mass., on Jan. 25 to 26 with more than 100 members attending.

Members benefited from 22 workshops and seminars on topics covering all aspects of the trenchless business, including proper trenchless technique selection, tunneling basics, geothermal installations, QA/QC inspections, contract language interpretation, insurance and bonding considerations, advanced HDD locating techniques, job site blueprint reading and trench and excavation safety.

In addition to development training opportunities, members were able to interact with 18 equipment and product suppliers in a mini trade show environment.

Immediately following the annual meeting, a one-and-a-half-day Mud School sponsored by the NTA and Bariod IDP was held for members and non-members alike. This event garnered 50 people in attendance.

The NTA is an association of contractors and suppliers aiming to create awareness and provide training for the trenchless industry in New England and New York.