Apr 26, 2004

Proposed Legislation Could Change SDWA

In response to the recent lead contaminantion in the Washington, D.C., area, Sen. James M. Jeffords will propose legislation that changes the Safe Drinking Water Act, reported the Water Quality Association (WQA).

The changes would include

* Better notification to consumers whose water has high lead levels
* The requirement of increased water testing in schools and daycare centers.
* Additional federal funding to upgrade distribution system.

The WQA stated that the requirement of complete elimination of lead in all plumbing fixtures is an important change for the POU/POE industry. The proposed legislation requires utilities to

* Immediately notify all residents whose water has high lead levels
* Distribute free filters to those residents
* Replace all lead service lines on public and private property.

The plan would require replacement of all lead service lines regardless of lead levels receding. It also would force manufacturers of plumbing fixtures to eliminate lead from products.