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    What's Happening at WEFTEC 2021?

    Oct. 13, 2021
    A preview of WEFTEC 2021, the largest in-person water and wastewater event of the year
    mundelein wwtp
    Plant Profile

    Plant Profile: Mundelein Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Oct. 1, 2021
    The village of Mundelein’s sole wastewater plant collects and treats wastewater for approximately 31,000 residents
    anaerobic digestion
    Wastewater Treatment

    Anaerobic Digestion Feedstock

    Sept. 10, 2021
    Whatever the feedstock, good mixing is crucial for reduced maintenance and energy use
    Sludge & Biosolids

    Addressing the Impacts of PFAS in Biosolids

    Sept. 10, 2021
    An overview of regulations, treatment & challenges surrounding PFAS in biosolids
    Collection Systems

    Designing A Lift Station: What You Need to Know

    Sept. 10, 2021
    The principles and best practices for designing your next lift station

    More content from September 2021

    Some of the funds were used to purchase and protect land for public recreation-min
    Wastewater Treatment

    MTBE Clean-Up in New Hampshire

    Sept. 10, 2021
    Legal funds & holding polluters accountable rather than utilities
    Industry Icon Award

    Industry Icon: Teamwork, Integrity & Ethics

    Sept. 10, 2021
    2021 WWD Industry Icon Ed Butts is a self-taught, 40-year veteran of water infrastructure
    Utility Management

    Rethink Water Joliet

    Sept. 10, 2021
    Water stress in a water-rich region presents water supply queries
    Utility Management

    The Sensor Connectivity of Tomorrow

    Sept. 10, 2021
    The six key challenges for utility digitization
    Utility Management

    Innovating Utility Operations

    Sept. 10, 2021
    After COVID-19, the future of water operations lies in technical innovations
    operations & maintenance
    Utility Management

    The Modern Electronic Operations Manual System

    Sept. 10, 2021
    Understanding modern systems through the Manatee County Utilities O&M Information Portal
    Utility Management

    Editorial Letter: Infrastructure Bill Nears Approval

    Sept. 9, 2021
    This editorial letter originally appeared in WWD September 2021 issue as "Infrastructure Bill Nears Approval"