Jul 15, 2010

Koch Knight Celebrates 100 Years of Manufacturing

Ohio company makes ceramic products, wastewater treatment parts

Koch Knight LLC, a manufacturer of ceramic mass transfer and acid proof equipment, is marking its 100th anniversary this month.

“Today, our corrosion-proof products, many with their roots in 1910, are used throughout the chemical industry,” said Michael R. Graeff, president of Koch Knight. “We are excited about reaching this milestone and are dedicated to continuing to grow our business and developing new customer relationships. Koch Knight has sold products in 40-plus countries and has booked our largest order in history in 2010.”

In the early 1900s, the Maurice A. Knight Company began producing KNIGHT-WARE Ceramic in Akron, Ohio.

“Until Mr. Knight bought a local pottery and began producing ceramics, the only place the American chemical industry could find chemical ceramics that would meet their needs was in Europe,” Graeff said. “The Knight-Ware product was made with vitreous ceramic, which did not depend upon a glaze for acid resistance, and had the strength to be formed into large pieces.”

Assets of the Maurice A. Knight Company were acquired by subsidiaries of Koch Industries Inc. in 1981.

Koch Knight markets ceramic products as well as components for wastewater treatment plants and thermal oxidation systems, including selling into the hydrometallurgical business. Customers include those in the mining, chemical processing and environmental industries.

In addition to the 72-person local workforce, Koch Knight has sales offices in Australia and Brazil. The company also has a fabrication shop in Baytown, Texas.