Dec 08, 2006

JMM Launches New Campaign to Increase Water Quality Awareness

In a strategic move to educate the market and build brand awareness, J-M Manufacturing (JMM), the world’s largest producer of plastic pipe, is launching an integrated advertising and marketing campaign designed to increase awareness of the quality of America’s water systems.
Targeted to water industry professionals, as well as businesses and consumers, the campaign highlights problems with today’s aging water systems and focuses on the vital role that polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene pipe can play in ensuring a clean and safe water supply.
“Our new campaign speaks directly to businesses and consumers about potential problems that may exist in the sewer and fresh water systems that are essential to daily life and health,” said Walter Wang, president and CEO of J-M Manufacturing. “We’ve played a significant role in helping numerous communities improve their water infrastructure, and believe it’s time to raise awareness of the positive impact JMM and our local partners have in transporting these vital resources and providing quality services.”
The new television, print and online campaign uses dramatic images and thought provoking questions to capture attention. For instance, one element of the campaign includes images of a sewer main break that leaked millions of gallons of sewage into the ocean and threatened to destroy one of America’s most beloved beaches. JMM was there to provide an emergency bypass pipeline to safeguard the beach.
Targeted to the print and online editions of trade media as well as national broadcast media, the overarching program will also include a direct response marketing component, public relations and event marketing. Additionally, the campaign includes an interactive element that allows web visitors to “Test Your Water IQ” via the mini-site at
“The campaign extends our recent marketing efforts, including developing our new logo and tagline, “Building Essentials for a Better Tomorrow,” said Marc Miller, director of marketing at JMM. “It reflects the company’s mission to do our part to make the world a better place by providing the essential products that carry our most important resources and services: water, electricity, telecommunications and natural gas.”
The campaign was developed for JMM by Badger & Partners, a brand advertising agency in New York City, with support from Stanton Crenshaw Communications, a leading mid-size public relations agency.