Mar 20, 2009

Insituform Awarded Multimillion-Dollar CIPP Contract in the Netherlands

Company to rehab approximately 10,000 ft of 36-in. pressure pipe

Insituform Technologies Inc. has announced that it has been awarded an historic tender in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.Nearly 10,000 ft of 36-in. pressure pipe will be rehabilitated using Insituform RPP. The project, which is the largest single project Insituform has acquired in the Netherlands to date, is expected to be completed by 2011 and is worth over $4 million USD.Insituform RPP, an advanced, proven and nondisruptive technology that extends the useful life of deteriorated and leaking pressure pipes, will be used to rehabilitate several thousand meters of low-pressure pipe in the Netherlands. Insituform RPP has a construction similar to that of standard Insituform cured-in-place-pipe tubes. However, special fiberglass reinforcement is included to address specific service conditions found in pressure applications.Bruce Frost, vice president at Insituform, said, “We are proud of our Netherlands management team’s ability to win competitively priced tenders with long-term customers and provide trenchless solutions. This type of significant, repeat customer contract contributes to securing a healthy backlog for our crews in the Netherlands.”