Infilco Degremont Partners with Hydroxyl Systems to Expand Advanced Biological Treatment

Infilco Degremont, Inc. (IDI) has become the exclusive licensee of Hydroxyl’s iFAS (integrated fixed film activated sludge) and iMBR (integrated moving bed bioreactors) systems for design, supply and installation in U.S. municipal plants over 0.5 MGD.
Both processes employ unique Hydroxyl iPAC media, which are fluidized biomass carriers that increase capacity, enhance the treatment process via BOD and COD reduction, and improve removal of ammonia and nitrogen— all without costly physical plant expansion. Incorporating the now-named IDI Hydroxyl iPAC technology, in most cases iFAS and iMBR systems can be upgraded by utilizing existing basins.
Infilco Degremont will provide complete in-house design, engineering, project management, and marketing for municipal systems utilizing IDI’s Hydroxyl iPAC technology in the U.S.
"With IDI’s advanced biological treatment knowledge, diverse engineering and production staff, piloting program, and extensive manufacturer’s representative network, they were the perfect choice for this strategic alliance," said Gord Hannigan, CEO of Hydroxyl Systems Incorporated. Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Hydroxyl Systems Inc. specializes in comprehensive advanced water treatment solutions for industrial, municipal, marine, and domestic applications.


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