Jun 03, 2021

Ecolab Inc., Launches Digital Service Available for Industrial Water

Ecolab Inc., launched Water Flow Intelligence, a digital service that provides industry with real-time visibility of water usage.

industrial water

Ecolab Inc., launched Water Flow Intelligence, a digital service that provides industry with real-time visibility of water usage at the enterprise, site and asset levels.

According to the Ecolab press release, Water Flow Intelligence enables food and beverage producers to identify opportunities that: help improve water management; deliver on sustainability goals; and reduce operational costs by combining smart water meters and sensors with advanced water flow measurement and monitoring, asset performance insights and machine learning.

Water Flow Intelligence is currently available to industrial businesses in North America and Europe, with expansion to Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2021. 

“Water Flow Intelligence uses cutting-edge digital technologies to enable real-time insights and response,” said Pedro Sancha, senior vice president and general manager of Ecolab’s Industrial Digital business in the press release. “By gaining visibility to water use across their organizations, companies can optimize their operations and make real progress on their water-related sustainability goals, from the enterprise level to individual facilities.”

The service is powered by ECOLAB3D, a secure, cloud-based digital platform. The platform uses advanced algorithms and predictive analytics, reported Ecolab.

Users can pinpoint on a dashboard where water is being consumed across the connected assets and processes within their facilities, set enterprise-wide benchmarks and target improvement efforts for water savings, according to the Ecolab press release.

The platform also features advanced alarm notifications and 24/7 oversight by engineers at Ecolab’s System Assurance Center.

Water Flow Intelligence can help reduce costs by reducing water use. After being installed in the pretreatment area of a North American auto manufacturing assembly plant, it cut water use at the facility by 15%, saving 25 million gallons of water and $193,000 per year, according to Ecolab.

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