Feb 04, 2021

Wastewater Infrastructure to Accommodate Wine-Making Industry in Washington

Port of Mattawa, Washington is working to improve the infrastructure of its wastewater treatment system due to increasing growth of the wine-making industry.

red wine

The Port of Mattawa, Washington is working to expand and improve the infrastructure of its wastewater treatment system to accommodate the increasing growth of the wine-making industry in central Washington.

This will support other food processing in the Mattawa area, according to NBC Right Now. The outcome will help to retain and create jobs and increase economic development in the south Grant County/Mattawa area.

Washington State’s wine production has more than doubled over the past two decades, according to NBC Right Now. 


The Port of Mattawa has specifically become a major production area of bulk wine in Washington State. As a result there is increased need for wastewater treatment capacity. 

The Port of Mattawa’s is requesting capital budget and/or infrastructure funding for Phase 4 of the Port’s wastewater infrastructure improvement project, reported NBC Right Now. This would increase the capacity of the Port of Mattawa’s industrial wastewater treatment system, particularly for wine waste. 

The bulk wine produced in Mattawa is used by wineries all over Washington State and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The expanded treatment system will allow the Port of Mattawa to safely discharge treated wastewater onto crops while also recycling the wine and food processing waste.

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