Hydro-Guard Releases Two-Way Flushing System

System allows for two-way communication and remote flushing management

Environmental Enhancement & Technologies, USA, Inc., recently launched its Hydro-Guard System Management Assisted by Remote Telemetry (SMART) Flushing System line at ACE.09 in San Diego.

The Hydro-Guard SMART flushing system allows for two-way communication and remote flushing unit management via either a secure web portal or a secure interface with the client’s existing SCADA. The client can receive real-time updates from each Hydro-Guard-equipped SMART unit in their system. The system can be integrated with a residual analyzer and a variety of other water quality management devices. This integration will allow the Hydro-Guard SMART flushing system to flush when the disinfectant residual drops below the parameters established by the end-user as opposed to flushing on a time-based schedule.

The system was designed so that the controller can be retrofitted to any existing automatic flushing system, with the exception of the Hydro-Guard HG-6 hydrant-based flushing system.


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