Sensus Provides Communication Network to New Jersey Seaside Town

June 2, 2016
The utility used the system to prioritize relief efforts when Superstorm Sandy hit

Each summer brings a flock of vacationers to seaside homes in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, but during the cold winter months those nests empty and water pipes can easily freeze. Once one bursts and floods an unoccupied house, the leak can go unnoticed, causing serious and expensive property damage.

“No one wants to deal with the stress of recovering from water leaks and we’d had enough of our customers’ homes being damaged,” said Earl Sutton, executive director, Little Egg Harbor Municipal Utilities Authority (LEHMUA).

Little Egg Harbor is located just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and has more than 8,000 households. As the summer vacation spot grows in popularity, so does the possibility of potentially damaging and expensive scenarios for property owners and the utility to consider. “We knew we had to do something to help detect issues, like pipe bursts or leaks, and notify customers about them more quickly,” said Sutton.

LEHMUA implemented the FlexNet communication network from Sensus to provide more accurate and reliable service and monitor all of its 9,000 water meters. The technology also empowers LEHMUA to build trust with the people of Little Egg Harbor by immediately alerting customers via email, text or phone call to water leaks and other issues that arise before serious damage occurs.

“With consistent monitoring and communication capabilities, the FlexNet system makes it possible for us to show that we care,” said Sutton. “Whether it’s a leaky faucet or frozen pipe, at the end of the day, our customers are happy we’re there looking out for them when they are not home.”

The FlexNet system is a long-range radio network that provides the utility with a scalable and reliable communications infrastructure. Proving its reliability, the network also helped LEHMUA overcome a natural disaster.

After Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore in the fall of 2012, the utility used the FlexNet system to prioritize relief efforts and identify the most heavily impacted areas. LEHMUA replaced water meters quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining consistent communication with customers about its restoration efforts.

“No matter if we experience another hurricane or harsh winter, we take great comfort knowing that we can continue to monitor our customers’ water consumption and alert them to issues for many years to come,” said Sutton.

Source: Sensus

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