EDI Launches Web-Based, Free-Use Wastewater Design Tools Program

Dec. 21, 2005

Environmental Dynamics, Inc. (EDI), world-headquartered in Columbia, Mo., and a leader in advanced technology water aeration systems for 30 years, launched the first free, user-friendly, web-based wastewater design tools program.

In the works at EDI for two years, and in Beta-testing for four months, this major innovation in the wastewater industry has a minimal number of input parameters and the incorporates wastewater design variables typical to the industry.

EDI president Chuck Tharp emphasizes that design procedures used in the wastewater industry are not universally applied, nor are they always easy to find. The aim of EDI’s Design Tools is to provide a common format with consistent logic or procedural steps that could serve as an industry standard.

“This computer-aided design tool accommodates a wide range of design needs, from small community treatment plants to industrial installations such as large paper mills to communities as large as Beijing, China. These design tools provide a mechanism for us to share EDI’s 30 years of application knowhow with all of our customers,” Tharp said.

Tharp looks to serve users with four key programs: aeration system design solutions including air volume and number of diffusers needed for multiple diffuser technologies; evaluation of energy requirements for a variety of aeration systems; choice of biological process design solutions based on the degree of treatment needed and amount of process oxygen required; plus an economic bread-even analysis using capital costs and energy savings to reach the optimal final design for each customer.

With market partners and vendors worldwide, the 24/7 accessibility of EDI’s new computer-aided design program eliminates troublesome global time differences. EDI, for example, has more than 4,000 installations in 76 countries.

Source: EDI