Partnership for Water Services Wins Best Operated Surface Water Treatment Facility in Georgia

June 11, 2003
Public-Private Partnership for Water Services Proves Beneficial to More Than 500,000 People

For the sixth time, the water partnership between the Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission (AFCWRC) and USFilter Operating Services/Khafra Engineering Consultants has won Georgia's "Best Operated Surface Water Treatment Facility" of the year by the Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association (GWPCA). The facility, located in Alpharetta, again won in the greater than 15-million-gallons-per-day (mgd) surface water treatment facility category.

"Winning this award is a testament to a well-run facility and that a public-private partnership can work," said Michael J. Leonard, general manager for the AFCWRC, which provides interface to representatives of the city of Atlanta and Fulton County for the management of both short-and long-term water plans affecting the area. "This award further highlights the dedication, pride and professionalism of our staff. Stewardship of our most precious resource is not just a job -- it is a mission."

The GWPCA judged the water treatment facility on quality control, safety, equipment monitoring, facility maintenance, plant operations and other miscellaneous criteria.

More than 500,000 citizens in northern Atlanta and northern Fulton County have benefited from the water partnership between USFilter/KHAFRA and the AFCWRC since it began delivering potable water in 1991. USFilter and Atlanta-based Khafra provide operation, maintenance and administrative services for the AFCWRC's 90-MGD surface water treatment facility, raw pumping station and 480 million gallon reservoir.

Source: USFilter

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