Grundfos Introduces New Groundwater Pump Controller to Advance Asia Pacific’s Smart Agriculture Future

Oct. 29, 2021

A pump industry-first, the controller provides reliability and flexibility to control submersible borehole pumps for irrigation, extraction, and agricultural water supply and transfer 


Grundfos, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology, announced the launch of the LC232 Controller, in four markets in the Asia Pacific region – Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand. An industry-first for groundwater intake controls, the LC232 Controller utilizes smart technology to bring ease of use, monitoring capabilities, and greater connectivity. Growers and cattle producers can look forward to saving on costs in maintenance and manpower, and ultimately extend the life span of their submersible borehole pumps. 

Increasingly, smart agricultural solutions aim to optimize productivity and meet the key challenges farmers face, including regular equipment maintenance, being labour intensive to keep track of operations, and ensuring resources are used precisely and efficiently. As the increased use of Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to increase production rates for farmers by 70% by the end of 20501, farmers are turning to smart technological devices to optimize their operations. 

A key area where smart technology needs to play a bigger role in is groundwater intake, which is becoming increasingly important in agricultural production.  

The LC232 Controller allows for remote monitoring and access of submersible borehole pumps, enabling intelligent control right at your fingertips. The Bluetooth-enabled solution allows users to monitor, control, and schedule water use from their smartphone with the intuitive Grundfos GO REMOTE app, which is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. Users can manage tasks anytime when in range, reducing the need for manpower and lowering operational costs.  

The Grundfos GO REMOTE app also alerts the user via a series of alarms that indicate issues such as pump overheating, dry-run, or high-water levels. Users can easily access pump diagnostics, create, and email reports on-site from the app. This ensures users can quickly address any operational issues, reducing unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs, and ultimately extend the lifespan of their submersible borehole pumps. 

Commenting on the launch of the new solution, Rick Holland, Senior Regional Sales Director, Water Utility – APAC & Country Director Australia said, “Agriculture is an important industry across Asia Pacific, but it is also rightfully considered to be one of the most resource and labour-intensive industries. As a global water solutions provider with a focus on innovation, Grundfos believes that intelligent technology and connectivity can help address some of the more pertinent operational and manpower challenges.” 

“With the LC232 Controller, we have created an industry-first that empowers them with greater control and functionality on their groundwater systems, so that they can focus their time and energy on other agricultural processes and help drive agricultural productivity to greater heights.” 

Designed for applications with one or two pumps, the LC232 Controller is also ideal for water intake applications in private installations or smaller waterworks, as well as water lowering on construction sites. Other applications include tank emptying or filling applications with float switch or analogue travel transmitters. Supporting up to five control levels for both analogue level transmitter or float switch operations, the LC232 Controller allows users to avoid over pumping their borehole in water intake or irrigation applications.  

Summary of benefits: 

  • Configure your own system: Configurable inputs (digital or analogue) and output allow operation via float level switches or level transmitters;
  • Simple monitoring: Use the control unit front panel to visually monitor general operation, fluid levels and alarms; 
  • Advanced monitoring: Connect via Bluetooth with Grundfos GO REMOTE app on your mobile device or tablet for detailed monitoring and status reports;
  • Connectivity: Communication interface module (CIM) enables connectivity with SCADA and other monitoring platforms via the range fieldbus options; And
  • Permanently protected: Protects your pump and motor via a wide range of integrated monitoring and protection functions.