Neda Simeonova is editorial director of Water & Wastes Digest. Simeonova can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1011.
Apr 13, 2015

Going Public

From weather advisories to water and sewer bills, ways to save water, customer service, general news and watershed protection, most water systems around the country have implemented some type of a public outreach program.

These programs are designed to educate customers about water systems’ involvement in different functions, projects and efforts. Furthermore, they help with basic but important functions, such as billing notices or service termination due to delinquent water and sewer accounts.

Staying in touch with customers allows water systems to provide the best possible services, which is an integral part of the customer-provider relationship. Additionally, it allows departments to promote unique programs such as payment plans for overdue bills, deferrals and other forms of assistance. These programs not only prevent service terminations but also help with revenue recovery.

Some service providers’ public outreach programs are more dynamic than others. E-mail us at [email protected] to share your successes or challenges with public outreach programs or the unique programs and customer service efforts that are offered by your department.