Jun 13, 2013

Flowmeter Operates in Cramped Layouts

When combined with the flow conditioner, this flowmeter can minimize compressed air flow energy costs

Wastewater treatment engineers in a tight spot who need an accurate, economical solution for air/gas flow measurement in aeration basins with cramped layouts or retrofit requirements will find the FCI ST98 thermal mass flowmeter, combined with the Vortab Model VIP flow conditioner, performs in tight spaces to minimize compressed air flow energy costs.

In wastewater treatment plants, a variety of processes are employed to eliminate organic pollutants. The activated sludge method requires pumping of compressed air into aeration basins where a diffuser system ensures the air is distributed evenly for optimal treatment. Precisely controlling the airflow reduces compressed air energy costs, which is one of the largest expenses in the process.

The ST98 flowmeter combined with the VIP flow conditioner is ideal for this task. The ST98 features a no-moving-parts thermal dispersion mass flow-sensing element. It includes an integral two-way HART interface, which allows engineers to receive multiple process variables and configure the meter remotely from the safety of the control room.

The ST98 flowmeter is accurate to ±1% of reading and 0.5% of full scale. Repeatability is accurate to ±0.5% of reading. This insertion style flowmeter can be installed without shutting down the process by using an national pipe thread fitting. The ST98 operates over a flow range from 0.75 to 600 standard ft per second (0.21 to 172 normal meters per second), and the turndown ratio is factory preset from 10:1 up to 100:1. It operates at pressures up to 250 psig [17 bar (g)].

The Vortab Insertion Panel (VIP) flow conditioner compensates for flow disturbances in wastewater treatment aeration basin compressed air piping systems. Where flow disturbances exist and adequate pipe straight-runs are not possible, the Vortab VIP flow conditioner removes both swirl and distorted velocity flow profiles.

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