Want to Save on Energy Costs? Your Aeration Blowers are the Answer

Aug. 2, 2022

Blowers play a vital role in wastewater treatment, and their efficiency directly drives the operation costs of the facility. The power consumption of aeration blowers can be as high as 50-60% of the plant's total energy costs. Learn how aeration blowers work and see how Kaeser's screw blowers bring wastewater treatment plants all the advantages of screw blower technology with the added benefits of an integrated complete blower package with components carefully selected for reliability and performance.

Screw blowers also have significantly better isentropic efficiencies than lobe or multistage centrifugal blowers. The combination of a blower airend with high efficiency SIGMA Profile rotors, flow-optimized components, efficient power transmission and drive components, ensures exceptional wire-to-air performance and oil-free air, guaranteed by Kaeser in accordance with the stringent requirements of ISO 1217.

  • High-efficiency and low-maintenance blower systems – dual shaft SIGMA blower blocks
  • Optionally available with wye-delta starter (STC) or frequency converter (SFC)
  • Plug-and-play complete package with power supply, SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller.

Your advantages

  • Maximum package efficiency:The combination of SIGMA Profile rotors, optimal motor-to-blower power transmission, and minimal pressure losses for all components ensures exceptional all-round efficiency.
  • Minimal pulsation in the connected process piping: Special silencers covering a wide frequency range significantly reduce machine and piping sound, making our screw blowers quieter than lobe, multistage centrifugals, and other screw blowers.
  • Reduced downtime: Highly durable components ensure reliable operation. The smart design eliminates the need for auxiliary devices (e.g. for sealing or cooling). Numerous sensors allow remote monitoring of operating status.

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