RJN Group Performing Long-Term Flow Monitoring for City of Baltimore

Project anticipated to involve minimum of 20 long-term flowmeters over three-year period

RJN Group Inc. (RJN) started work on a long-term flow-monitoring project for the city of Baltimore. The project is anticipated to involve a minimum of 20 long-term flowmeters for a three-year period, with additional long-term or short-term meters being installed as required by the city to assess flow conditions within the sanitary sewer system.

The flow data collected through long-term and on-call short-term flow-monitoring and rainfall-gauging services performed by RJN will be used to continue to evaluate the capacity of the sanitary sewer system, update hydraulic models, and discern long-term flow trends within the system.

Short-term flow monitoring may be implemented to evaluate sewer system rehabilitation projects and their effectiveness in reducing wet-weather flows.

RJN Group

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