Jul 13, 2017

Water Agency Improves Water Recycling With Filtration System

West Basin provides imported drinking water to 17 cities & unincorporated Los Angeles County

West Basin uses Pall system

West Basin, a wholesale water agency that provides imported drinking water to 17 cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County, Calif., announced it will expand its existing Pall Water AriaTM FLEX filtration system by 33% and add two new AriaTMFAST mobile membrane filtration units to supplement lost flow of other MF systems. 

Previously, West Basin purchased two of Pall Water's Aria FAST mobile membrane filtration units to supplement the production of West Basin’s five types of fit-for-purpose “designer” recycled waters to meet the unique needs of its municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

To ensure that there is enough water to meet present and future needs, West Basin Municipal Water District has long been a leader in conservation and water recycling. In order to treat and purify wastewater that can be safely reused in a variety of municipal and industrial applications, West Basin is taking advantage of smart technology capable of meeting numerous water qualities and safety standards.

Already familiar with Pall Water's membranes from the initial deployment of the Aria FLEX filtration system, West Basin will use Pall Water's modular low-pressure membrane units to treat ozonated secondary water for industrial and potable applications. The two additional Aria FAST trailers will be treating a combined 2 million gal per day (MGD) of ozonated secondary originating from the City of Los Angeles’ Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant. Unique challenges of the feedwater include highly variable concentrations of solids and organics.   

"Following our proven success working with West Basin Municipal Water District, we look forward to taking this next step together and providing smart, innovative water reuse solutions that will help conserve the region's water supply in the wake of California's ongoing drought and beyond," said Thom Voll, general manager for Pall Water.