Nov 06, 2007

Dow Water Solutions Announces Global Price Increase for DOWEX Ion Exchange Resins

Dow Water Solutions is increasing the price of all DOWEX ion exchange resin, adsorbent and catalyst products. The price increase will average 10 percent across the product line, globally. The price increase is effective November 15, 2007, or as contracts allow.

The price increase reflects a need to offset high and volatile costs in both energy and raw materials, along with the continual rise of transportation costs. Customers will be contacted by their local Dow sales representatives with the specific product and price details.

Dow Water Solutions is a performance-based business unit designed to advance the science of water purification around the world, including seawater desalination, contaminant removal and water reuse. With more than 1,000 employees worldwide, the business maintains five production facilities globally to manufacture, markets and sells FILMTEC reverse osmosis membranes, DOWEX ion exchange resins, ADSORBSIA GTO titanium-based arsenic removal media, ultrafiltration, and electrodeionization components.