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Hach Company - Flow Products and Services, including our legacy brands Sigma and Marsh-McBirney, has a proven track record of creating industry-leading innovations with unwavering product accuracy in the open-channel flow measurement world. Empowering you with true and timely flow data for your analysis, we dramatically reduce your risk and enable you to make critical wastewater flow decisions with absolute confidence. And smart decisions mean you're proactively managing your flow, rather than reactively dealing with problems. From state-of-the-art wireless flow loggers and industry-pioneering non-contact flow sensors, as well as our revolutionary Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS), Hach Flow is committed to providing flexible solutions for all of your flow monitoring challenges.

Products & Press Releases

Hach PS Submerged System
Utility Management

Submerged Area Velocity Monitoring System

Aug. 17, 2018
The diagnostic tools and advanced architecture in the Hach FL900AV flowmeter with AV9000 analyzer module make it possible to acquire useful flow data at very difficult sites. ...
Utility Management

Noncontact AV Sensor

Aug. 16, 2018
Using digital Doppler radar velocity-sensing technology and ultrasonic level sensing, the FLO-DAR AV sensor advances open-channel flow monitoring by measuring from above the wastewater...
Hach PS Noncontact System
Utility Management

Non-Contact Wireless Flow Monitoring

Aug. 16, 2018
Combine the convenience of wireless data delivery with the intelligence of noncontact flow monitoring. Using wireless Hach FL900 Series flow loggers and noncontact FLO-DAR AV ...
Hach PS FH950
Utility Management

Handheld Flowmeter

Aug. 8, 2018
The Hach FH950 handheld flowmeter with electromagnetic sensor is designed for use in both environmental and sewer/wastewater flow measurement scenarios. It can be utilized for...
Hach PS FL900
Utility Management

Flow Logger

Aug. 8, 2018
The Hach FL900 Series flow logger is a rugged, reliable and innovative data logger that is equipped to handle difficult environments. The FL900 has up to four plug-and-play sensor...
Utility Management

Data Delivery Services

Aug. 8, 2018
Hach Data Delivery Services (DDS) is a flow-monitoring service in which, for a fixed monthly fee, Hach provides all the equipment, resources and support you need to acquire your...
Hach PS Level Alarming System
Utility Management

Wireless Level-Alarming System

Aug. 6, 2018
Hach’s level-alarming solution—which pairs a Hach US9001B ultrasonic sensor with Ballast and a wireless Hach FL900 Series flow logger—provides wastewater professionals with an...

Articles & News

Hach install
Case Studies

Short-Term DDS, Long-Term Solutions

Aug. 16, 2018
Data Delivery solves many problems for engineering firm
Hach CS Gulfport MS_0
Case Studies

Taking Control

Aug. 9, 2018
Gulfport, Miss., uses flow-monitoring technology to eliminate inaccurate reporting
Hach CS Martin
Case Studies

Going with the Flow

Aug. 8, 2018
Michigan services firm utilizes a variety of flowmeter technologies
Hach CS Trout Ultd
Case Studies

Flowing Free

Aug. 8, 2018
Nonprofit organization uses flow-monitoring technology to improve the health of fisheries and watersheds
Hach CS Cleveland OH
Case Studies

Wild Kingdom

Aug. 6, 2018
Cleveland zoo achieves major savings with improved flow monitoring
Utility Management

Multi-Parameter Analyzer Simplifies Testing for Laboratory

April 3, 2018
Product simplifies data management, reduces variability
Flow Meter Installation 007_0
Utility Management

Monitoring Hydraulic Flow

Jan. 15, 2015
Large-scale flow monitoring yields cost savings in San Antonio
US9001.B-FL901.97_Sensor-Down-Looking-Ultrasonic-Logger-FL901-Z (reduced - print ready)
Tech Reviews

Level-Alarming Network Extension Offers Cost-Effective Monitoring Solution

Jan. 7, 2015
The system is ideal for economical monitoring of secondary locations
Non-contact wireless system
Tech Reviews

Wastewater Flow Monitoring System Offers Efficiency, Convenience

Oct. 27, 2014
The system is comprised of a flow logger, sensor & data management software
FH950_Meter-Muni Usage (reduced)
Tech Reviews

Flowmeter Captures & Stores Accurate Velocity & Level Measurements

Sept. 15, 2014
FH950 simplifies the flow measurement process in both sewer flow monitoring & environmental river & stream profiling scenarios

Videos & Resources


TU5 Series Process Turbidimeter for Raw Water Monitoring

Nov. 13, 2017
A long-term evaluation of applicability of a TU5300sc turbidimeter equipped with Automated Cleaning Module (ACM) for raw water monitoring was conducted at a surface water treatment...
WWD Storefront Hach-Flow-Logo_0

Wireless Technologies and Non-Contact Flow Measurement Open a New Door for Flow Data Delivery and Hands-Off Flow Monitoring

July 9, 2012
For many municipalities, the traditional method of sewer flow monitoring is an expensive proposition and can be a hassle. The flow meter network purchase along with flow monitoring...

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Case Studies

Trading Up

July 31, 2014
North Carolina civil engineering firm upgrades flow-monitoring devices
Utility Management

Data Delivery Services Determines Flow Rates in Lubbock, Texas

Dec. 6, 2012
DDS offers the information end users need, at a considerable value
Utility Management

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Upgrades Flowmeter

Dec. 3, 2012
Open channel flowmeter offers more accurate, cost-effective technology for Cleveland zoo
Hach Elco
Utility Management

Three Decades Strong

Dec. 3, 2012
Flow monitoring products provide accurate flow data for billing application
Utility Management

Flow Service on the Cutting Edge

Dec. 3, 2012
Design-build firm chooses non-contact measuring flowmeters for New York village

Data Centered

May 17, 2011
About the author: Gabi Miles is WIMS product manager for Hach Co. Miles can be reached at [email protected]. Large Colorado WWTP reduces operating costs with automated data control...
Utility Management

Cutting-Edge Flow Service

Aug. 4, 2009
About the author: Marcia Kinley is marketing communications manager for Hach/Marsh-McBirney. Kinley can be reached at 301.874.5599 or by e-mail at [email protected]...
Utility Management

Is Your Plant Secure?

April 11, 2008
About the author: Clare Pierson is associate editor for Water & Wastes Digest. Pierson can be reached at 847.391.1012 or by e-mail at [email protected] update for plants...