Flowmeter Captures & Stores Accurate Velocity & Level Measurements

Sept. 15, 2014
FH950 simplifies the flow measurement process in both sewer flow monitoring & environmental river & stream profiling scenarios

The lightweight, battery-powered Hach FH950 handheld flowmeter captures and stores accurate velocity and level measurements, greatly simplifying the flow measurement process in both sewer flow monitoring and environmental river and stream profiling scenarios:

Sewer Flow Monitoring
In the collection system or at the wastewater treatment plant, the FH950 is an excellent handheld metering tool to use when:
• Confirming the accuracy and calibrations of area velocity meters;
• Selecting optimal site locations for permanent monitoring;
• Performing flow spot checks; and
• Verifying primary devices such as weirs and flumes.

Environmental River & Stream Profiling
The FH950 provides significant time savings when it comes to profiling rivers and streams and quickly helps measure stream velocities required to calculate discharge rate.
• All data is stored automatically in the meter, eliminating the need for a second individual to perform manual logging;
• Automatically executes necessary discharge calculations according to ISO and USGS standards;
• Allows easy data transfer to any PC for further processing and analysis; and
• Data storage for up to 10 profiles and 32 stations per profile.

The FH950, weighing only 1.5 lb, is truly portable and easy to hold in one hand. It has a full-color display that provides excellent readability even in direct sunlight and is completely water-resistant. With no moving parts, the FH950 requires no mechanical maintenance.

One of the primary benefits of the FH950 is its smart sensor. With an innovative and compact sensor in an intelligently-designed hydrodynamic shape, the FH950’s sensor can take reliable measurements at low velocities, in very shallow water, and in turbulent flow conditions. It also can take accurate readings in sediment, weed or organic debris-choked water. An optional pressure cell is available to provide automatic level measurement and can also be used to provide sensor height positioning when performing complex profiling methods.

GSA pricing is available for government purchaser.

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