Jan 20, 2021

Editorial Letter: The Next Chapter in Water, Wastewater & Beyond

This editorial letter originally appeared in WWD January 2021 issue as "The Next Chapter"

Bob Crossen, senior managing editor

We’ve made it through the whirlwind of 2020 and into hopeful fresh beginnings in 2021. While we wait for a vaccine to the coronavirus to penetrate society and offer a return to normalcy, we also are anticipating the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden.

A change in presidential administration can create a lot of ripple effects throughout the U.S., but many things will continue to maintain their course. As we look to the future in 2021, leaders from Water Environment Federation, American Water Works Association, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies and the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators all shared similar focal points in their forecasts for 2021. These namely revolved around three key areas: the Lead and Copper Rule Revision, regulations for per- and polyflouralkyl substances, and industry funding through several bills in Congress. More detail on those can be found in our column this month and in the 2021 Association Forecast article.

Additionally, I have several video interviews lined up for the month on this subject, including one with Wendi Wilkes from ASDWA about futurism and a unified water policy for the country, so be sure to visit wwdmag.com/videos to catch the latest conversations on this topic. 

Lastly, you will have likely noticed a call out on our cover this month recognizing that WWD is celebrating its 60-year anniversary in 2021! We are so elated that the brand has stood for this long and throughout the year we will be sharing the experiences and stories of industry veterans on our website to highlight what they’ve seen as the major changes in the industry throughout their career.


As such, we are seeking input from members of our audience with 20 or more years of experience. What technology advancements have permanently changed the way you conduct your day-to-day work? What technology forever changed the way water or wastewater is treated? What events had the greatest impact and influence on the industry during your career? Let us know by visiting bit.ly/wwd60years. 

We will be sharing articles each month on our website and in special email transmissions, so make sure you sign up for our weekly newsletter to get them straight to your inbox using the form at wwdmag.com/manage-subscription. We’ll also be sharing a link to an extended 2020 State of the Industry Report, with a full outline of figures and charts for all the questions asked in the survey.

We are excited for the New Year and for the excellent and awesome content we have in the hopper for you, and I hope you’re just as excited to take on 2021.

About the author

Bob Crossen  |  Senior Managing Editor  |  bcrossen@sgcmail.com