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At Schreiber, our focus is simple: We improve wastewater. How we do it is pure ingenuity. With installations at more than 2,000 water treatment facilities worldwide, Schreiber has provided unique design (over 25 patents, from screw pumps to tertiary filtration), outstanding fit and finish, on-site expertise and responsive service since 1979. Technological innovations—such as the compressible Fuzzy Filter media system and the Continuously Sequencing Reactor (CSReactor)—have greatly improved cost effectiveness and energy efficiency in wastewater treatment and continue to identify Schreiber as a leader in the industry.


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Schreiber Grit & Grease
Continuously Sequencing Reactor
Schreiber Grit and Grease
Continuously Sequencing Reactor
Schreiber Fuzzy Filter

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Rectangular design provides efficient removal

Grit & Grease Removal System Uses Parallel Chambers to Treat Water

Schreiber’s grit and grease removal system consists of a rectangular concrete channel with two parallel chambers. The rectangular design provides efficient removal over...

Compressible Media Filter Offers Efficient Performance, Long Life

Schreiber’s Fuzzy Filter is a compressible media filter that effectively replaces conventional media filtration and can be applied to a wide range of filtration...
cass county wwtp

Michigan Facility Achieves Phosphorus Removal Goals

The Cass County, Mich., Lakes Area Sewer Authority (LASA) wastewater treatment plant is meeting its phosphorus removal needs by utilizing Schreiber’s Continuously...
The Aquia WWTF in Stafford County, Va.

Meeting Higher Standards

The Aquia Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), located in Stafford County, Va., was originally built in 1980. In 1990, it underwent a major upgrade and expansion to its...

BNR System Provides Three Process Phases in One Basin

The Schreiber Continuously Sequencing Reactor (CSR) is a biological nutrient removal (BNR) system contained in a single basin. It sequences through the three process...

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