Cloud-Ready LQ800 Multi-Channel Control System for Municipal Water Monitoring and Treatment

July 1, 2021

Ideal for water storage, treatment and distribution.

Engineers responsible for municipal ground or surface drinking water supplies, storage, treatment and distribution systems in remote locations or close to population centers will find the modular, Cloud-ready LQ800 Multi-Channel Control System offers them a complete measurement and control solution that provides over 50 analytical measurements, as well as liquid flow, level and temperature data.

The highly intelligent and scalable eight-channel LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller is designed to operate with up to eight digital analytical and process sensors. A total of eight LQ800 Multi-Channel Controllers can be networked together to provide 64-points of digital measurement and control.  Its flexible design and web-ready communication allows integration with larger systems including integration into the Cloud.

In addition to liquid flow, level and temperature measurement, the versatile LQ800 Multi-Channel Control is capable of providing over 50 analytical measurements via ECD’s precision S80 Intelligent Sensors. One system, one supplier, one point of responsibility offers every analytical tool necessary for drinking water treatment and disinfection.

For example, a typical municipal water storage or disinfection system designed with the LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller would include ECD’s S80 Series Intelligent Sensors to monitor pH, ORP, ammonium, dissolved oxygen (DO), nitrate or nitrites, copper, iron, lead, cyanide, Chromium VI, total suspended solids (TSS)/turbidity, free chlorine or total chlorine. 

The LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller digitally communicates with any ECD intelligent sensor, automatically configuring the controller’s menus and display screens to the measured parameter. Two-way communication between the sensors and the LQ800 Controller provides measurement data for storage site or treatment plant process control equipment and systems.           

The analytical or process type of sensor, its identity and serial number are stored in the sensor’s memory, along with calibration registers. Sensors are calibrated at the factory, so they are ready to use when connected, are waterproof and submersible with all internal components epoxy encapsulated inside the housing and have various process fittings and configurations.

Designed for busy engineers and technicians, the highly intuitive LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller features a large easily viewable color touchscreen display, which is sized at 4.6 (w) -x- 3.5 (h) inches (120 -x- 90 millimeters). The display and interface can be web-enabled with remote monitoring and activation with personal handheld devices and computers with access via the Internet or the Cloud.

The LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller’s highly intuitive menu-driven navigation is accomplished using the large touchscreen display. The primary menu selections are the multi-channel main display, single channel detail screen, calibration menu, configuration menu, info screens and simulate menu.

Other display screen capabilities include the hold function, graphical display style, back light and contrast adjustments, labels/tags for naming the transmitter, password protection and a factory default reset. Output screens include setting the digital communications output, setting the 4-20 mA ranges and fault settings, and configuring the alarm relays.

For large or complex processes, the LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller features multiple output options. They include: eight 4-20 mA outputs, eight configurable relays (for alarm, activated timers, control, and fault), and Ethernet communication. Data logging capability is available as well.

The rugged LQ800 Multi-Channel Controller is available as a 24 VDC or 100/240 VAC powered controller. It is constructed with heavy duty materials suitable for rugged environment requirements and carries a NEMA 4X/IP65 rating for water resistance. It is suitable for use in temperatures from 15 to130°F (-10 to 55°C).

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