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Tech Reviews
Nov 7 2018
The Airvac wireless valve pit monitoring system transmits valve pit data and end-of-line vacuum levels to a central SCADA system, which is typically…
Case Studies
Oct 3 2018
Public works is a practical endeavor. It involves supplying basic needs—water, roads, sewers, etc.—to citizens in the most efficient and reliable…
A vacuum station in Key Largo, Fla.
A vacuum station in Key Largo, Fla.
Case Studies
Sep 24 2018
Hurricanes create serious problems for public works officials—mass evacuations, high winds, flooding, the loss of utilities and damage to public…
Sep 10 2018
Florida is booming. Unemployment is down, real estate values are up and the population is growing … fast. There are now 21 million Floridians. Since…
Tech Reviews
Aug 31 2018
Airvac offers three versions of a packaged vacuum (PacVac) station that includes not only the same vacuum station components as its custom-engineered…

Airvac, a brand of Aqseptence Group

Airvac, a brand of Aqseptence Group, is a leader in vacuum sewer system technology. Since 1969, we have led the effort to take vacuum sewer technology from a zero base in the U.S. to the established, reliable form of sewage collection system enjoyed by many today. Airvac manufactures a complete line of quality vacuum sewer system products, including vacuum valves, valve pits and vacuum station equipment. Customer support and service is provided every step of the way, including assistance with the planning, design, construction and operation of vacuum sewer systems. For nearly 50 years, Airvac has provided cost-effective solutions for existing communities, new land developments, commercial and industrial buildings, and the marine industry. Since our founding, we have maintained a singular commitment to excellence that has served to solidify our position as a trusted and respected brand that produces high-quality products and services.


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United States

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