Vacuum Pump Modulation

May 26, 2020

The Busch Mink pump replaces the R5 series pump as the Airvac standard.

Busch has modified certain models of the Mink pumps specifically for Airvac for use in a vacuum system. The result is leading edge vacuum pump technology available for use in existing and new vacuum systems.


Mink Pumps

Compared to the R5 pump, the Mink pump offers these advantages:

  • They are more efficient than the R5 pumps
  • They can operate at variable speeds (modulated) w/out affecting system performance
  • They do not use oil which eliminates oil changes
  • They save space in a stackable configuration


By adding VFD’s and modulating the Mink pump, these additional benefits result:

  • Significant savings in power costs
  • Much quieter when operated at partial speed
  • Pumps react to system demands without an operator responding
  • Peaks and valleys of vacuum levels are evened out
  • Overall reduction in maintenance costs

Reduce power consumption by as much as 70%

If your vacuum pumps run more than 3 or 4 hours a day, upgrading to Mink pumps and modulating them will reduce your energy consumption. The longer your pumps run, the more savings you’ll realize. Power savings up to 70% have already been reported by customers who have done this.


Ideal candidate

Are your R5 pumps nearing the end of their useful life? Are they losing efficiency? If so, Airvac can provide you with a free analysis which estimates the payback period by determining the cost to upgrade to Mink and adding the modulation feature. The payback period typically is 3 to 5 years.

What if I already have Mink pumps?

No problem. Just contact us if you have Mink pumps and want to consider adding modulation.

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