Partnership in Philadelphia Provides Water & Sewer Line Protection

Nov. 2, 2018

New partnership will provide 475,000 eligible homeowners water and sewer line protection for about $8 a month in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Energy Authority have announced a new partnership with American Water Resources (AWR). According to The Philadelphia Tribune, the partnership will provide 475,000 eligible homeowners water and sewer line protection for about $8 a month.

The plan has no deductibles or dollar limit on covered claims, and is secured by energy authority, according to The Philadelphia Tribune.

“[The program is] another tool in our toolbox to provide Philadelphians with the resources they need to preserve their homes and ultimately stabilize our neighborhoods,” said Cherelle Parker, City Councilwoman, to The Philadelphia Tribune.

AWR will create a local contractor network consisting of mostly minorities, women or disabled enterprises to handle claims, according to a press release. The program participants can also access 24-hour support via a toll-free hotline. Covered repairs will be under warranty for one year.

According to The Philadelphia Tribune, some of the plumbing system date back to the 19th century and house are a median age of 93 years old. Therefore, a service like this would be very helpful to homeowners. Repairs like fixing a water line can be hard for those of low and fixed-income homes.

Resident John Costs panicked when he found his basement toilet overflowing. According to The Philadelphia Tribune, a faulty sewer line was sending water back from the underground street junction into his home. In Philadelphia, homeowners are responsible for the lines connecting their homes to the main water and sewer lines.

“The fear was that I don’t have the money to cover this and what if it doesn’t stop,” Coats said to The Philadelphia Tribune.

However, after seeing his neighbor go through a similar situation, Coats took action. In 2016, he purchase a protection plan from AWR. According to the The Philadelphia Tribune, he used the program and the company sent someone out to do the repairs. It only cost Coats $50, the amount of his deductible.

“Within an hour he was finished. Such a relief,” Coats said.

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