Pumps Chosen for Efficiency Vermont Rebate Program

Dec. 4, 2013
Pilot program provides financial incentives for commercial & residential installations of the chosen pumps

Grundfos’ Alpha and Magna pumps have been designated to participate in Efficiency Vermont’s High-Performance Circulator Pump Program. The program promotes the installation of high efficiency pumps in Vermont homes and businesses.

Efficiency Vermont, an organization that provides energy efficiency services to homes and businesses throughout the state, designed the pilot program to provide a new opportunity for Vermonters to save energy and money. It provides technical assistance and financial incentives for qualifying circulator pumps at the wholesale level, enabling Vermont distributors to partner with contractors to deliver energy saving equipment to the marketplace.

The Hydraulic Institute estimates that pumps consume 10% of global electricity, and optimized pump technology is one of the key elements to reducing this number. Efficiency Vermont’s High-Performance Circulator Pump Program allows contractors to contribute to the solution by installing energy-efficient circulators.

Both the Alpha and Magna help end users save energy, as well as money on their utility bills, through Grundfos’ patented AutoAdapt technology, which allows the pump to automatically analyze the system, find the optimum setting and adjust its operation to changes in demand. The pumps can help users realize energy savings of up to 85% when compared with conventional circulators.

“Efficiency Vermont is always on the lookout for innovative new technologies that can help our customers save money and energy,” said Jim Merriam, director of Efficiency Vermont. “This initiative will make a new opportunity for savings available for Vermonters, while also supporting our longstanding goal of helping distributors and contractors stock and promote the most efficient and innovative products on the market.”

URELL, Grundfos’ sales representative in New England, helped Efficiency Vermont plan and launch its High-Performance Circulator Pump Program. In addition to sharing expertise on the pump market in Vermont and nationwide, URELL provided insight into trade channels, as well as relevant data on technology trends in the marketplace.

“We are excited to see an organization like Efficiency Vermont take steps to make the state more efficient by promoting technology such as Grundfos’ AutoAdapt,” said David Urell, president and owner of URELL. “We share the goal of helping homes and businesses reduce energy use, save money and help protect the environment.”

Source: Grundfos