Jun 21, 2016

BSTI Removes 3 Million lb of Contaminants

Contaminants include gasoline, industrial wastes & more

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Brownfield Science & Technology (BSTI) remediated 3 million lb of industrial contaminants from the environment that could have ended up in soil and groundwater. The contaminants included unhealthy substances such as gasoline, dry cleaning chemicals, solvents and industrial wastes.

“All of us at BSTI grew up feeling a special connection to the natural environment,” said John Kollmeier, vice president of BSTI. “Here we are, years later, getting to do cool science for a living in a way that also makes the environment healthier for our families and provides special personal rewards for us. Even the efforts of a smaller firm like ours greatly reduce the levels of industrial chemicals contaminating our region.”

The science behind environmental remediation is detailed, and 3 million lb do not add up easily. Often the BSTI scientists work on a parts-per-billion level because some chemicals are harmful and can cause cancer at very low concentrations. Just five drops of benzene, a chemical in gasoline and other common substances, can contaminate enough drinking water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Better corporate stewardship of the environment and governmental regulations have led to a significant increase in environmental cleanups in BTSI’s region.

“The remediation business for us is very satisfying, and we are seeing an influx of interest in our work from some of the area’s best companies,” Kollmeier said.

BSTI is expanding their Pennsylvania and New Jersey offices to meet demand.

“We have our sights set on the 5 million lb milestone.”