Aug 29, 2007

AVANTech Awarded Makeup Water System in Puerto Rico

AVANTech, Inc. was awarded the delivery of a 366 gpm make-up water treatment system consisting of multimedia filtration, cartridge filtration, anti-scalant addition, reverse osmosis, electrodionization and a clean-in-place equipment.

AVANTech's scope of work requires complete integration of the make-up treatment facility including automated controls, interconnecting piping, and start-up support services. The system design, engineering, and fabrication will be validated with a full system test at Avantech's manufacturing facility prior to site delivery.

"This award is confirmation of our unique abilities to cost effectively integrate custom designed treatment facilities for our industrial clients. AVANTech is committed to serving our clients and growing our business by offering custom integration solutions that create unique value for our water/ wastewater customers," said Jim Braun, president of AVANTech.