Dec 22, 2006

Arkansas Firm Receives NSF Grant for Drinking Water Study

A company based in Fayetteville, Ark., has received $100,000 as a part of a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research award from the National Science Foundation.

The Morning News reported that the award was given to BlueInGreen LLC because of the company’s efforts to use patent-pending ozone dissolution technology to improve drinking water. The ozone system is being tested as a possible alternative to chlorine treatment of drinking water.

BlueInGreen uses an ozone system, known as HYDOZ, to reduce the creation of harmful disinfection byproducts. The HYDOZ will be used at the Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority A.B. Jewell pilot-plant facility. With the results from this project, BlueInGreen plans to develop a system for the entire Jewell plant.

The technologies at BlueInGreen are licensed from the University of Arkansas. The company is a part of Virtual Incubation Co., a venture development firm.