ZENON to Partner with Maytag Canada for Distribution of Home Filtration System

ZENON Environmental Inc. has signed a letter of intent to partner with Maytag Canada for distribution of ZENON's Homespring™ UF100 in Canadian consumer residential retail channels.

The letter of intent is subject to ZENON and Maytag negotiating and entering into a definitive Strategic Alliance Agreement, which they have agreed to proceed to negotiate in good faith and execute as soon as practical, with a target date of June 6, 2003.

Under the letter of intent, ZENON's whole home water filtration system, which uses proven ZeeWeed® membranes, will be sold exclusively in Canada under the Maytag branded name. It will be distributed by Maytag in Canada through select Maytag retail channels and be installed and maintained by Maytag's highly reputable service and support organization.

"We are very excited to be partnering with ZENON," said Paul Bognar, general manager, Maytag Canada, "and to be the first appliance manufacturer to carry a whole home water filtration appliance among our line of dependable household products. Both Maytag and ZENON have a similar reputation for quality, technology and innovative products and we look forward to a very successful partnership."

Select retail stores will sell the new Maytag whole home water filtration system across Canada with an initial launch at the Maytag store in Mississauga by June and a broader rollout to follow.

"Whole home water treatment is the next era in water filtration," said Andrew Benedek, chairman and chief executive officer of ZENON. "We have moved from water pitchers, to tap mounts, to under the sink systems and bottled water to an entirely new method of home filtration, one that delivers the convenience of cleaner, safer, better tasting water from every tap in your home.

"We look forward to expanding this partnership to go beyond Canada's borders in the future," continued Benedek, "and to working with Maytag to expand the recognition and market share of the UF100 whole home water filtration system."

ZENON is active in providing advanced membrane products and services for water purification, wastewater treatment and water reuse to municipalities and industries worldwide.

ZENON Environmental Inc.

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