ZeeWeed Technology Will Filter Water for Westchester Joint Water Works

ZENON Environmental, Inc. has received a purchase order for its first drinking water treatment plant in New York State. This plant uses both of the company's main products, which together will deliver a total of 20 million gal or 94,635 cubic meters of drinking water per day using two separate ZENON systems.
One system, the larger of the two, will incorporate the ZeeWeed 500 series of membranes, while the other will use ZENON's 1000 series of membranes. Both are hallmarks of the company's hollow-fibre immersed technologies.
John G. Hock, PE, manager of the Westchester Joint Water Works, stated, "Together with our consulting engineers, Hazen and Sawyer PC, we determined that the ZENON membrane vacuum type filter system was best suited to treat the water from Rye Lake. This decision was made after first reviewing traditional filtration systems and then evaluating different membrane systems."
The new plant will also become a showcase touring facility for other municipalities thinking of building a ZENON drinking water treatment plant. Rye Lake is an offshoot of the Kensico Reservoir, which also supplies New York City residents with drinking water. The Westchester Joint Water Works plant will be an ideal reference showing the benefits of ZENON's membrane systems that include, among other things, consistently reliable water quality.
This will be the largest membrane drinking water treatment plant in New York. The design phase is virtually complete with construction expected to begin in the fall of 2005 and be completed by the end of 2007.

ZENON Environmental, Inc.

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