Sep 23, 2011

Young Water Professionals to Select New Ambassador at International Water Week

Current ambassador Dirk Janssen will aid the decision process

During this year’s International Water Week (IWW) in Amsterdam, the current Young Water Professionals (YWP) ambassador Dirk Janssen and a jury of experts will choose his successor.

One of the key criteria for the new ambassador is that he or she can continue the dialogue not just with the leaders in the water industry but also with the wider general public. For Janssen, being the YWP ambassador was an excellent way to bring together the generations.

“It is essential that more young people become active in the water industry,” he says. “We dare to dream new dreams and think beyond boundaries. The young are not only the present but very much the future too. The next generation can bring a fresh perspective with an unconventional mindset that enables them to think outside the box.”

Janssen feels the responsibility to ensure that our water use is not at the expense of the next generation but to its advantage.

“The entire water sector is responsible not only for technical solutions on water issues but also to create the dialogue and support from the local authorities and people,” he adds.