2022 WWD Young Pros: Mahesh Budhathok, Suez Water Technologies

June 2, 2022

Mahesh Budhathoki is a senior engineer for Suez Water Technologies with a specialization in surfactant chemistries for power generation and refinery applications.

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Name: Mahesh Budhathok

Age: 35

Education: PhD in Chemical Engineering

Company: Suez Water Technologies & Solutions

Title: Senior Engineer

What is your greatest personal accomplishment to date?

Moving to the Unites States from Nepal at the age of 18 for school and working hard to get where I am today. This has been a great journey, and I will forever be grateful for all the people who have supported me along the way, including my family, friends, and colleagues.

List some of your professional accomplishments.

Receiving the “2021 Paul Cohen Award” for the paper that I presented at the International Water Conference. Developing and commercializing the novel ‘Polyamine Plus’ corrosion inhibition technology for the steam generating systems. Publishing papers in peer reviewed journals and holding patents. Receiving the “OU 2013 Innovator” of the year award.

What has been your most memorable project?

Leading the feasibility project to evaluate the efficacy of the DSM’s Hybrane surfactants in O&G application. This was an internship project for which I got to travel to the Netherlands and lived and worked there for 6 months.

What did you do before entering the water industry?

I was pursuing my Postdoc at the University of Oklahoma and was involved in groundwater remediation projects. The projects involved developing technologies to safely remove organic pollutants or non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) from groundwater, which would otherwise contaminate the underground fresh water source that is vital for human and aquatic lives.

What was the biggest lesson you learned when you entered the water industry?

The biggest lesson I learned is that the water industry is evolving rapidly. More than ever, environmental restrictions are getting tougher, and customers are demanding cost-effective yet sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions putting the water treatment industry on its heels.

How do you expect your generation will influence the water industry?

From my relatively short career in the water industry, I have realized that our generation is open-minded, does not hesitate to deviate from the norm, and is vocal about it. I believe such curiosity and drive will lead to the development of more innovative technologies.

What are your aspirations for your water industry career?

Water industry is very diverse. As such, I would like to further expand my knowledge in this field. Eventually, I would like to be an industry expert or a consultant and help solve water related problems.

In what extracurricular work activities would you like to be (or are) involved in?

Member of the Suez Veteran Network group. I have not been able to participate in its activities recently but would like to be more involved in the future.

What are your hobbies?

Watching college football, running, hiking, cooking, DIY, and traveling.

What is your hidden talent?

I have been told that I am exceptionally good at cooking the traditional “Nepali Momos (Dumplings).”

Tell us a "secret" or something about you nobody knows.

None. I am an open book!

In what ways are you involved in your local community outside professional work (organize fundraisers, youth group counselor, etc.)?

I provide career counseling to young kids back home in Nepal who want to pursue an education abroad.

What are your passions?

Spending quality time with my family and enjoying Belgian Triples and Hazy IPAs.

Describe a memorable moment with family or friends.

Holiday with my wife at the Acadia National Park in Maine. The park is extremely beautiful, and we hiked about 15 miles every day for a week. My wife was pregnant at the time, and the thought of my son having joined us on the trip gives me goosebumps.

Who has been your greatest personal (or professional) influence and why?

My PhD advisor, Dr. Jeffrey H. Harwell. He has inspired me in many ways, but most notably through his passion for science, empathy for others, and humble nature.

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