World Water Works to Showcase Technology at WEFTEC.13

Company will showcase nitrogen removal technology, as well as MBBR & DAF systems

World Water Works WEFTEC DAF
World Water Works WEFTEC Demon

World Water Works Inc. will highlight their Demon, moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) and dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems at WEFTEC 2013, Oct. 7 to 9, at Booth No. 736, at McCormick Place South in Chicago. Company representatives will be on hand to discuss its wastewater treatment systems as well as recent installations.

Demon is an approach to nitrogen removal that has proven efficient, reliable, and cost effective. It offers benefits over traditional nitrification-denitrification systems, including: a 90% reduction in sludge handling volume, a 100% reduction in chemical demand and a 60% lower energy requirement. The system runs a two-step, single stage process that leverages two types of bacteria in order to first oxidize the ammonia in wastewater to nitrite and then convert a combination of this nitrite and remaining ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas.

World Water Works’ MBBR systems also leverage biological processes to remove the waste from wastewater. The MBBR tank contains free-floating plastic media on which a thin “biofilm” of treatment bacteria grows. This setup maximizes the surface area for treatment to offer unsurpassed performance. In addition to being lower cost than comparable membrane bioreactor systems, World Water Works’ MBBRs do not require a large amount of space and are low maintenance.

The www/Resource DAF, like the other two systems, emphasizes high performance and high efficiency. World Water Works’ DAG (dissolved air generator) technology produces 5 to 12 micron “microbubbles” that allow the removal of even the smallest wastewater pollutants while consuming notably less energy than other pump systems. Facilities upgraded with DAG typically report reductions in energy costs of more than 50%. In addition, the DAF systems are built with heavy-duty, corrosion-free materials that allow the systems to handle a wide range of flows and increase longevity.

World Water Works

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