Feb 23, 2007

World Bank invests $1.3 Billion in Iran Water Projects

The World Bank has invested $1.3 billion in nine Iranian water and wastewater treatment projects.

In addition to investing $1.3 billion in the nine projects, the WB is currently conducting similar projects in a number of Iranian provinces, according to the bank's representative in Iran's Water and Soil Comprehensive Plan.

The representative commented that the first phase of the project has already been completed, Referring to the World Bank's cooperation in the completion of Alborz reservoir dam, being built in the northern province of Mazandaran.

He also announced that despite some difficulties ahead, development of the project is expected to be finished within the seven years earlier estimated.

In addition to giving its financial supports for the development of a number of the economic projects in Iran, the World Bank also cooperates with the nation in other areas including the exchange of the expertise and its dispatch of specialists and experts to oversee and help develop major projects.