What Is Flashy Raw Water? (With Veolia) | WWD Weekly Digest

June 14, 2022

The term “flashy water” is used commonly throughout the industry, but it can be an elusive term to define. In this interview Jim Georger, Western Regional Sales Manager for Veolia Water Technologies describes the characteristics commonly associated with flashy water and how it impacts drinking water treatment plants. He also explains how Veolia’s municipal clarification water solutions can address this problem in addition to other contaminants of emerging concern such as PFAS.

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • What does the term raw flashy water refer to? | 0:37
  • How do TSS and turbidity relate to flashy water? | 2:29
  • What events are associated with flashy water? | 4:41
  • What impact does flashy water have on a drinking water utility? | 6:09
  • What technologies or services can utilities use to address this problem? | 7:53
  • What’s next for flashy water and this treatment method?  | 11:03
  • Outro | 13:38

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