What is Water Reuse? (With De Nora) | WWD Weekly Digest

June 14, 2022

Water reuse is an umbrella term that covers numerous water reuse options. From water reclamation to water recycling, making the most of each drop is becoming a greater point of concern not only for businesses but also for communities.

Daryl Weatherup is the general manager of the disinfection and filtration global business unit for De Nora Water Technologies. He shares the different types of water reuse options out there, what treatment technologies exist and how to make sure the right water has the right use.

Additional Resources


  • What is water reuse? | 0:32
  • What technologies are used to enable water reuse? | 1:39
  • What are the differences between potable and non-potable reuse? | 3:07
  • How can water be reused? How can we make the most of reused water? | 4:38
  • What is currently influencing water reuse in the U.S. and how do you see that looking in the future? | 6:03
  • Water scarcity is occurring across different areas and climates | 7:45
  • Outro | 9:08

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May 25, 2022