Mar 10, 2011

WesTech and Nordic Water Products Partner to Bring ZICKERT System to North America

Product available through WesTech starting this month

Product available through WesTech starting this monthWesTech Engineering Inc. of Salt Lake City expanded its partnership with Nordic Water Products AB to bring the ZICKERT clarification system to North America. These products are available through WesTech as of March 1.

According to WesTech, with more than 3,000 installations worldwide, the ZICKERT clarification system provides a comprehensive solution to the problems of liquid/solids separation and is ideal for retrofitting existing tanks containing chain and flight clarifier systems.

The ZICKERT clarification system is used in sedimentation tanks for wastewater treatment plants, drinking water purification plants and industrial processes. The system consists of four products working together: the ZICKERT Shark sludge scraper, the ZICKERT surface scum scraper, the ZICKERT cover and the ZICKERT Siphon. Each of these is its own separate unit, optimizing the process in the tank and simplifying both operation and maintenance, the company said.

The ZICKERT Shark sludge scraper has been designed for efficient transportation of sludge in settling tanks. During the forward motion, the Shark slides gently forward, capturing the sludge and transporting it in the direction of the sludge pit. During the return motion, the Shark slides under the sludge layer without disturbing the sedimentation process.

“We know that ZICKERT provides a superior product,” said Jake Blattman, municipal water sales manager at WesTech. “We’re excited to partner with them to add this innovative technology to our list of water treatment capabilities.”