WesTech Acquires WWETCO to Provide New Filtration Technology

WWETCO line includes products for CSO and compressed media filtration

WWETCO line includes products for CSO and compressed media filtrationWesTech Engineering Inc. of Salt Lake City acquired WWETCO LLC of Atlanta. The acquisition became effective Dec. 28, 2010.

WWETCO has developed products for combined sewer overflow and has engineered new and innovative ways to utilize compressed media filtration for both primary and tertiary treatment. WesTech hopes that the acquisition of WWETCO will create a partnership that will help to better advance these technologies.

“We’re excited to partner with WWETCO to offer these products to the wastewater market,” said Jim Hanson, vice president of WesTech. “They reflect the quality and innovation that WesTech strives to achieve.”

Although wholly owned by WesTech, WWETCO will continue to function as an independently operated company.

WesTech Engineering Inc.

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