Wellington Wastewater Treatment Facility Project

Wellington, Kan.
City of Wellington

The city of Wellington is located in Summer County, Kan., and has a population of 7,677.
In 2009, the city decided to replace its 50-plus-year-old mechanical wastewater treatment plant. The original plant consisted of Bullseye-type aeration plants and no nutrient removal. The design of the new plant needed to obtain an estimated future flow of 1.71 million gal per day (mgd) along with a peak wet-weather flow of 6 mgd. The plant would need to provide biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus. One of the main project concerns was making the treatment system simple to operate, and it was determined that an oxidation ditch would provide an ideal solution on that account. Two clarifiers also were installed. According to Jacqueline Fowers of WesTech Eng. Inc., the projected due date for the Wellington Wastewater Plant was October 2010; however, the project was completed two months ahead of schedule and was commissioned to the city of Wellington in August 2010. The project encountered several challenges along the way. The original Wellington Wastewater Plant was located in an area that was naturally inclined to flooding, and in previous years, the plant had encountered flooding. With flooding being a common problem in the Wellington area, a new site needed to be selected in order for the new plant to be built. To meet the challenges presented by potential flooding, the city chose East Botkin on the south side of Wellington as the site of the new plant—an area that is set high on a plain. Two pump stations were then built along with the wastewater plant to start the process of clarification. Even with rains that were expected to slow the building of the oxidation ditch, the project was delivered two months ahead of its scheduled completion date. Thanks to a smooth submittal phase, suppliers delivering on time and the contractor’s dedicated crew, Wellington residents can enjoy cleaner water sooner.

CAS Construction LLC
WesTech Eng. Inc.
$8.8 million
1.71 mgd